Your Photographer

I’m Hannah, a family and portrait photographer based in the beautiful city of Oxford, U.K. I've been lucky to have called this place my home for 18 years since my university days. No stranger to living in tourist towns, my roots are in South Devon by the sea. I feel so fortunate to have grown up in a place where you could spend nearly all day outdoors as a child unsupervised, roaming around, making dens and climbing trees.

Now I'm a Grown Up, when I'm not working I'm raising two small children and working on restoring our 400 year old cottage just a mile from Oxford City Centre. I'm also a performer and can occasionally be spotted in Oxford theatres singing my heart out with OXOPS, MAC Productions or Indigo Road A Capella.

My Photography Journey

I have a background in documentary filmmaking, and for around 10 years I was a producer for most of the major broadcasters including the BBC, Channel 4, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel. I travelled the world filming everything from biblical archeologists in the deserts of Egypt, ironworkers on top of NYC skyscrapers, to Stephen Hawking revealing the mysteries of the Universe. Before that, I worked in children’s media production, directing countless children and young people in video and audio productions.

A love for photography is in my blood, it seems. I have early memories of my dad developing film in our windowless bathroom, with a piece of wood cut out with spaces for the taps as a sort of makeshift table. My late uncle, aunt and cousins are all extremely talented photographers too, and my cousin Toby sells gorgeous prints of scenes from his native Aberdeenshire. I learned my craft on DSLR cameras on my TV shoots creating production stills. My business was founded in 2015 out of my passion for preserving moments authentically, beautifully, that give people joy for years to come.

My Photography Style

My work is influenced by the timeless quality of photographic film with its distinctive tones and soft highlights.

Every one of your images is edited in the Adobe Lightroom suite in my signature style, with consistent colour balance, tones and contrast across all the images in your gallery.

Each final image undergoes some light retouching, to remove any distracting background objects or smooth skin or remove, reduce imperfections where required. I don't heavily edit people's features - my images are all about you on your best day!