Headshot Sessions

Client Guide

I'm Hannah!

I'm an Oxford Photographer and I'm looking forward to meeting you and to capturing your headshot images.

Please read this guide before your session as it will help you to prepare to ensure we get the most out of our time together.

What's included in my session?

  • Your professional photoshoot! I'll capture you in a variety of poses with a few different backgrounds.
  • You'll then receive a link to an online gallery with up to 100 images to preview. These won't yet be fully retouched but will have been edited for colour and consistency.
  • If you have already chosen your digital image package, you'll be invited to make your selections. Your images will then be delivered to you fully retouched, in colour and black and white.
  • If you haven't chosen your digital image package, you can choose and pay for this via your gallery, and then make your selections as above.

'I've never had a professional photo shoot before. Do I need to know how to pose?'

Not at all! Most people I work with aren't used to being professionally photographed, and I'll work with you and give you small prompts and suggestions to get the best angles and expressions. I have lots of experience in theatre/film myself, and so we can discuss beforehand what kinds of roles you tend to audition for, and we can make sure that your images reflect that.

What should I wear?

For performer headshots, the key thing to remember is Keep It Simple!

You are presenting your face as neutrally as possible so that casting directors can consider you for a wide variety of roles, so bold fashion statements, busy patterns and logos in your clothing should be avoided so they don't distract from your face.

Wear plain, muted colours or neutrals that complement your skin tone and eye colour.

Choose clothes that are fitted enough to show your body shape rather than baggy or oversized styles.

You'll mostly be photographed from the shoulders up, so think about your neckline - the less fussy, the better. Plain round t-shirts or v-necks are great. I'd avoid shirts with stiff collars as they can look too formal.

Your session will have time for one quick clothing change, so please bring an alternative top if you wish.

Hair and Makeup

Again, the main thing is to keep it simple! If you have long hair, arrive with it down first of all, and we can always shoot some shots afterwards with it tied up. Bring hair ties!

There's no need to apply heavier makeup than you normally would for photographs, although if you don't always wear a foundation base I'd recommend using one as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

Again, you're presenting a neutral look, so avoid any extreme makeup styles, heavy eye makeup or colours, and anything with glitter or shimmer in it. It'll just make you look shiny!

For great skin, drink lots of water the day before and get a good night's sleep. Believe me, it makes all the difference!

If you have any ideas or worries, feel free to discuss these with me before your session. All that leaves me to say is I'm looking forward to meeting you!