You're about to embark on the magical journey of capturing those adorable newborn moments, but there's one burning question – should you book a home or studio newborn session? Fear not, I'm here to sprinkle a bit of guidance on this delightful dilemma.

As a new parent, you want to capture every precious moment. You might want your photographs to reflect the love and warmth that fills your home, or maybe you're looking for a more artistic and curated approach with a studio session. Both options have their positives, and it's all about finding what aligns with your style and vibe.

Why have an In-Home Newborn Shoot?

If you're drawn to the natural and relaxed atmosphere of a home session, then you own living room, bedroom or nursery may be the perfect backdrop. The familiarity of your own space will give your images a personalised and intimate feel. Plus, capturing moments in your home allows for a glimpse into your everyday life with all its up and downs, creating a more personal and meaningful story. If you prefer a more organic and down-to-earth feel, a home session might be more up your street.

There might also be practical reasons to choose a home newborn photography session - perhaps you had a difficult or complicated delivery and you don't feel up to travelling away from home yet, you have family staying with you, or you'd like an older sibling to feel comfortable and involved.

In-Home Newborn Sessions are £395, last 2-3 hours, and include 10 complimentary high resolution images.

Why book a Studio Session?

My Studio Sessions still offer relaxed and natural sessions, but in a creatively designed space, where all the elements, from the decor to the lighting, are tailored to capture those precious newborn details. The studio is a calm and neutral mini-universe where everything revolves around your adorable bundle of joy! In the studio, you also have the option to choose from my client wardrobe of cute and cosy newborn outfits, toddler clothes and gorgeous dresses.

Again, practical reasons might be the reason you'd opt for a studio session. Maybe your house is in the middle of a renovation and you don't want exposed pipes on show, or maybe you're in a temporary rental that doesn't hold much significance for you. You might just not want to have to tidy up for visitors when you have a newborn baby!

Cost might come into it too. A studio session might be for you if you would like to spread the cost of your investment in professional baby photography, paying only the session fee up front and then the package fee later. This also works really well if you have family who would like to gift you just the session or package cost.

Studio Sessions are £150 for the session only and last 2-3 hours. You then have the opportunity to choose a package of digital images and print credit ranging between £175 and £625. Payment plans are available over £300.


In-Home Newborn Session

What's Included:

  • A 2-3 hour session in the comfort of your own home.
  • Guidance on clothing and preparing your home for your session.
  • Viewing Gallery of 100-150 images.
  • 10 complimentary high resolution digital downloads chosen by you.



Studio Newborn Session

What's Included:

  • A 2-3 hour session in my Oxford studio
  • Use of client wardrobe of newborn, toddler and dresses for Mum.
  • Online preview of 20-30 images.
  • Opportunity to purchase a package of print and digital products ranging from £175 to £625.

your investment


Comparing both sessions like for like:

Home Session with 10 digital images: £395| Studio Session with 10 digital images: £425

If I book a studio session before my baby arrives and then want to change it to a home session after delivery, is this possible?

Absolutely! Your session fee will then turn into a deposit for your home session, with the remainder of the fee payable on the day of your session.

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference and what speaks to you the most. Whichever direction you choose, remember that investing in professional newborn photography is an experience you'll never forget. Your photographs will be cherished for years to come and your children will adore looking at them with you when they're older!

So, whether you opt for a cosy home session or a creatively curated studio one, I hope this has helped you to choose. The most important thing is that you choose a style that speaks to your heart and captures the genuine love and joy that your new arrival has brought to your life.

Hannah Veale is a professional Newborn Baby Photographer based in Oxford, Oxfordshire. She specialises in relaxed, organic newborn and family photography sessions in client's homes or in her studio in Oxford, for free-spirited clients who want an alternative to posed newborn baby photography.